What are the different soccer formations

A soccer formation is how the players of a team are positioned on the field. The 4-5-1 formation, for example, involves four defenders, five midfielders and one forward. The choice of formation will largely depend on the strengths of your players or as a response to the opposition formation.

Here are few of the more widely used formations:


The is more widely used formation in modern soccer. The main benefit is that it is the only truly balanced formation. This presents a good chance for offensive attacks while preserving a solid defense. As a player, this is the first formation that you will likely face.


This formation was extremely popular in the 1970’s and was used by Germany to win the world cup in 1974. The total soccer system used by the Netherlands and Germany made heavy use of this formation. In modern times the formation is used mostly by Spanish giant FC Barcelona.


This is one of the most offensive formations you will see. There is very little defense in this formation. This will only be seen if the opposition is weak offensively and there is no chance that they will take advantage of weak defenses. There is very little chance that this will be seen in actual games.


This is a tough formation and requires a lot of work from the players to get anything out of it. This was used by Team USA during the 1998 world cup and it was a massive failure.