Off Season Soccer Training

Tudor Bompa, one of the world’s leading strength training experts, said the term “off-season” is misleading. Instead, it’s more a “transition phase,” between two 12 month programs. AN off-season implies that nothing happens, which is the worst thing an athlete can do. Sports fitness advisor points out that there are two main objectives for off-season soccer training: The first is the physical recuperation and mental respite from a strenuous season. The second is to minimize any losses in strength and conditioning built up over the year. Here is a sample soccer off-seasons training calendar for a semi-professional player:


The off-season is a good time to try other physical activities. Try to avoid running and other similar high-impact workouts. A good example of this type of activity is something like swimming for 20 minutes. Pair this with some functional strength training and core work.


Again, another day of alternative physical activity. Ideally, a sport like Badminton to maintain and improve hand-eye coordination as well as agility. Since there is no strength training today, even an hour of training is possible.


This day should be a repeat of the Monday schedule. A functional strength training workout, along with a 20-minute swim or cross training activity. You can also include some form of stability training.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday are rest days. We will give the body more time to recover. The recovery will help rebuild some of the muscle loss during the regular season. Keep intensity levels low, so that come to the start of the season, you feel recharged, physically and mentally.