Premier League 2017 preview

With the 26th season of the English Premier League underway, we look at some of the top clubs and their expectations: Arsenal There was a lot of disappointment when Arsenal ended last season in fifth place and missing out on a place in the Champion’s league. However, that loss is less of a bitter pill to swallow after winning the […]

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What a year looks like for a soccer player

The typical amateur soccer player spends about two-thirds of the year playing soccer. However, the training does not end there, during the other months, players continue to train at different levels of intensity. Here is what the typical calendar looks like for a player: Pre-season training The point of early pre-season training is to get your body and mind ready […]

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Nutrition for soccer tournaments

Unlike for soccer practice and matches, soccer tournaments are especially demanding. There can be as many as two to three games in a single day and you will need to be prepared for it nutritionally. Failing to do so can result in not being able to play effectively after the first one or two games. Here is a nutrition checklist […]

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