5 Steps to a more powerful shot

Article written by : Well Soccer – Soccer News Articles

Most people will have the same sensation when a soccer ball is placed in front of them, this is the need to strike the ball as hard as possible. However, this tends to slow down the speed of the soccer ball.

To understand this concept, a good example is a game of golf. Most golfers will swing at 80% of their top force, instead of 100%. This is because the golf club head should do the rest of the work for you to get the ball where you want it to go. Therefore, kicking at 100%, often causes muscles to tense, which then causes the motion to slow down.

Here are some key points to a stronger, longer and faster soccer kick:

Firstly remem4specialtysoccer july 2016ber to relax – Let your body, neck and legs relax. The only part of your body that should have tension is your ankle.

Make your last stride large – Make your last stride large, where your heel comes close to your behind.

Your knees should come through first – Your lower leg should form a ā€œVā€ and at the last minute, extend your leg in a whipping motion.
4. Kicking with your big toe knuckle – You should always kick with your largest bone, which is just above your big toe.

Think that the ball is sitting in front of a large pane of glass – Your aim is to break the pane with your body, not only your leg or foot.