Break in your soccer shoes with these five steps

Players look forward to new shoes every year. However, once you get a new pair of soccer shoes, it is important to remember that like all other shoes you need to break them in. When it comes to shoes for athletic performance, it is even more important to prepare your shoes before a live match. Here is a five step process for buying and breaking in a new pair of soccer shoes.

Step 1 – Buy a pair of cleats that are half or a full size smaller than what you normally wear. Buy shoes that are made of leather that will stretch to your feet.

Step 2 – Wear all the gear you would wear at a match with your new shoes and do a few drills on a soft surface to start the process of breaking-in the shoes. You can include walking, jogging, running, jumping, and dribbling as a start.

Step 3 – Use warm water and wet the shoes while you are wearing them and allow the pair to dry. Now the leather will start to take the shape of your foot. When you take the shoes off, stuff the shoes with dry newspaper to absorb the moisture and prevent additional shrinkage.

Step 4 – Use petroleum jelly to keep the leather uppers soft and prevent blisters.

Step 5 – Wear the shoes to a practice session before a live match. Bring your old pair of shoes and swap through half-way until the new shoes are ready.