Different types of Goalkeeper gloves


Written by Soccershoes.us

Although it might not be obvious to Soccer newbie, much like cleats, even goalkeeper gloves come in various types (or cuts) regardless of whether they are reusch gloves or any other brand.. Here are three:

Roll finger

This is one of the most popular and is often referred to as the traditional goalkeeper glove. They are called “roll finger” because the backhand is connected to the palm and does not use gussets. These are not as tight and snug as some would like. They do however provide great latex contact with the ball due to it being a single layer of latex wrapped around.

Negative cut

The negative cut goalkeeper gloves have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are used in a lot of the hybrid gloves available in the market. Much like the roll finger above, there is a single layer of latex from the backhand to the palm. The difference here is that there are gussets inside the glove that help with a much tighter and snug feel. These gloves have become more popular across Europe.

Negative roll

This is one of the hybrid glove cuts. This is combination of the roll finger and the negative cut. It combines the rolled finger style with the inside glove gussets of the negative cut to give both the ball feel and the fit. This is a snug fit glove so keepers that prefer a loose or open fit should buy one size large