Games that could lose Barcelona the title

Strange that a few months ago, with Neymar’s departure, Barcelona was far from favorites to win the title. The team have not lost a game this season and have an 11 point lead over Atletico Madrid at the top of the table. However, there is still a chance that the team will lose the lead to one its rivals. The UEFA champion’s league games start in February, and both Atletico Madrid and Valencia are not playing, leaving them to focus on the La Liga campaigns. Real Madrid is unlikely to let Barcelona off the hook without a fight. Here are some key matches that might cause some problems for Barcelona:

May 6 vs. Real Madrid

Real Madrid’s title race is over at this stage, even though they still have a mathematical chance of winning. However, Real will be gunning for a victory over Barcelona at home and in doing so could cost them valuable points.

March 4 vs. Atletico Madrid

Atletico cannot make any mistakes if they want to beat Barcelona to the title. 11 points behind in second place, Diego Simeone’s side need a convincing victory at home to reduce the gap. The match, between the two best defensive teams in the league, will truly test the depth of their squads.

15 April vs. Valencia

This is a home game for Barcelona but could be tricky. Although Barcelona is playing sublime soccer this season, Valencia is also playing great. Also, Valencia has beaten Barcelona at home on at least two occasions during the last few years.