A Guide to buying soccer jerseys

Written by Soccer Garage

As the game of soccer has become more popular amongst both sexes, there is now a wide range of women’s soccer jerseys available in stores and online. Soccer jerseys come as part of a kit, which includes shorts and socks, and as a single item. Here are a few areas to consider when buying a women’s soccer jersey.

Size – Consider the person’s size and if it is a child, make sure they have sufficient room to grow and use the jersey for a few months. When purchasing jerseys for a team, assess the sizes prior to purchase; as in most cases, a large number of the team members will fall into one size.

Quality – For players who need a jersey to last a season, they will need a good quality product in quality fabrics, as the jersey should last through frequent laundering.

Breath-ability- Your soccer jerseys should suit the conditions you or your team will be playing in. For example, there are different fabrics used for winter and summer conditions. Breathable is a must for soccer jerseys, especially with soccer replicas.

Color – Soccer players should have jerseys that are different to their local clubs to avoid clashes. Soccer goalkeepers need to wear a jersey that is different in color from their outfield players.

With a variety of designs from full uniforms, long or short sleeves to replica jerseys, players are spoilt for choice. Just remember to try on a few jerseys before you make your final decision.


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