Plan Your 2018 World Cup Trip to Russia

The 21st FIFA World Cup, hosted by Russia is high on buckets lists for many. If you’re one of the adventurous individuals that’s planning on taking this trip, you might be wondering what your itinerary would look like prior to the big game. The minimum period of time that you’d be spending in the country would be about a week with games being played in different parts of Russia. Because the schedule won’t be released until the end of 2017, it’s best that you plan ahead of time.


The World Cup is enough reason for hotels to mark up their prices. The longer that you delay on booking a hotel, the higher the prices will be when the event comes closer. Now, the main event will be hosted at Luzhniki Stadium which is located at the heart of Moscow’s Olympic complex. The hotels that are closest to the stadium will most likely be the highest priced out of the bunch. Research hotels that have easy access to a form of transportation so you can travel to and from each destination with ease. Besides, the days leading up to the World Cup will most likely be the times where you can explore the city and partake in activities.


Ticket prices haven’t been released but you can figure that they would start anywhere from $160-$200. Over the span of 3 years however, prices could drastically rise, and with a probable 10% increase per year, you could be looking to spend over $300 in early-2018 per ticket – not to mention the other costs such as: food, gifts, lodging, etc.


The main reason for this trip is to experience the glorious event that is the pinnacle of soccer. Watching your team run through the tunnel with their country’s colors gleaming brightly on their soccer uniforms, is an experience that is both gratifying and deserving of that big, fat checkmark off your bucket list.

You’re also going to be experiencing an entirely new country and culture. It’s best that you plan out where you want to go during your stay as well as pack the appropriate clothing for the weather. Don’t forget your voltage converter if you’re coming from America – it’ll be one of your best friends on your trip.

The Bottom Line

Russia is hosting one of the largest sporting events in the world. The magnitude of this game is going to resonate globally through every television. If you can imagine seeing yourself with your team’s flag waving around a sea of colors, then make it a reality and prepare your trip when the time comes. Don’t forget to bring your Adidas soccer ball or jersey to the stadium in hopes of getting an autograph from your favorite player.