Soccer Shoes 101: What to Buy to up Your Game

Written by Top Soccer Buy

Most soccer shoes are designed to excel in certain facets of the game. Some are lighter, allowing you to be quicker on your feet and get down the field faster. There are shoes made from materials that offer more control over the ball when dribbling, passing, and shooting; and other materials that offer more power to your shots and passes. Some offer more traction with the turf than others, improving your control of your own momentum. With all these things to keep in mind, buying a new pair of Adidas soccer shoes can be quite intimidating to the casual player.

First and foremost, your role will heavily influence what type of shoe will best suit your playstyle. Goalies will be best suited with a shoe that emphasizes traction, as they need to be able to dive in any direction at a moments notice. Wingers do great with a lightweight shoe that they can quickly move up the side. Defenders tend to need a heavier shoe whose extra protection can help absorb the impact of their play. Attackers generally look for power and control to make their shots count.

There is also room for personal preference. While a heavier shoe like the Adidas Predator tends to be the most common for defensive players, don’t let that restrict what you. The way leather is molded, or the type of leather used can alter everything from weight to fit or even ball control.

If you prefer and excel at a quicker style of play, and you don’t mind the harsher impacts, a defender with a lighter shoe such as the Adidas F50 can be quite effective as well. Playing in shoes that you are comfortable can also be just as important as having shoes that fit your role. No one can play at their best if they are uncomfortable, or worse yet if they’re in pain, because they’re trying to force their self into a shoe that doesn’t fit properly.

When shopping in person, make sure to try the shoe on. Shopping online can be harder to tell if it fits before your purchase, however most retailers have an exchange policy if you need to find something in a different size.

In short, when picking out a new soccer shoe you should always keep in mind what your role requires of your shoe, just don’t forget to think of what you require out of the shoe as well.