The three most common injuries in soccer

Soccer players push their bodies to breaking point every game. Although there is a lot of preventative work going into their training, injuries are commonplace. Glance through news reports and a pattern will emerge. The elite level players suffer more injuries than any other category of player. There is a good reason for this. Most elite players carry small injuries throughout a season. However, the expectation is that they play as many games possible. What happens then is that this little niggle becomes a full-blown injury. Is important that athletes at all levels diagnose and treat even the smallest injury as quickly as possible. Here are the five most common sports injuries:


A relatively common injury, fractures in soccer are easy to identify. The cracks and/or splits in the bone cause very noticeable pain. The more serious the fracture, the more pain. In addition to the pain, there will also be swelling and redness.

Shin splints

Shin splints are a stress injury associated with soccer due to the constant running. Most shin splints are a stress related injury that affects the tendons in the calf muscles.

Knee injuries

According to the Arkansas Surgical Hospital, knee injuries are the most common. In a sport like soccer, the constant stress to the joints and the muscles around the knee cause most knee injuries. Treatment of minor injuries includes physiotherapy and rest. Failing to rest could result in a major issue, which could take months to heal.