Tips to Write a Solid Sponsorship Proposal

Hunting for a sponsor is par for the course when you join a travel team. As either a parent or player, you should be dedicated to the idea that you’ll be involved with fundraising on some level. Sponsorship covers the cost of soccer uniforms, supplies and more, but you have to present a proposal and show what you bring to the table too.

You might be thinking: “Isn’t sponsorship about donating?”

You’re not wrong, but you do have to consider that bringing value to a sponsor will both secure your team more money, and help win over that sponsor.

Identify What You Offer

The first step in presenting a plan is to plot out what you can offer to potential sponsors. Maybe you can do an exchange, where you offer to write a press release celebrating the company sponsoring you. That would bring both of you more Web traffic and familiarity in your local community. You might also have some unique marketing proposals for the company, such as silk screening the brand name on soccer t-shirts or exclusive use of the field for branding purposes. You can even have a volunteer day where you show up and wash employee cars for the sponsorship. Think creatively for best results.

Contacting Key People

The best kind of call you can make is the one that puts you in touch with a decision maker. Your cold calling will find more success if you can target those key executives. You can try cold calling first, then craft a thoughtful email follow up so you’re touching all potential points of contact. You can also try searching for “sponsorship websites”, which can put provide you a database of companies willing to help sponsor teams in their local area and actively seeking folks to work with.


The best kind of sponsor cares deeply about the team, and is willing to help support it in any way possible. As you’re creating your list of ideal sponsors, add soccer supply companies, academic organizations and local government sponsored events to the list of places you’ll want to visit. You’ll find people engaged with local sports leagues at all of these venues. All you’ll need to do is bring a strong personality and an intriguing pitch for sponsorship.

The more you get to know those in your local community, the higher your odds of securing that ideal sponsor. If you want your team to succeed, you have to be willing to seek out sponsorship actively.